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Betty, 2011 9/11.

When we are no longer preoccupied with fitting in, with what other people think of us or what we think about ourselves, then we have our freedom and starts to find ourselves doing exactly what we are meant to do in our lives. I have found myself many times in this lifetime, making music and the last year I went to Jailhouse Studios in Horsens, Denmark, alone, for getting out this musical feeling inside, that always makes me feel better as a human being.

My beliefs, my inner dreams, experience, my inner strength has always wanted me to bring out this to people in order to wishing them to have better lives. I have something going on in my heart, and I have this music to share. Music makes us feel better, or at least music responds to our feelings and makes us less alone, heels feelings and makes us stronger. Of course there are better songwriters, better singers, better guitarists, but they are still not me, and I'm the best to be me and live my life out – completely and I am all right. That’s my belief.

I have befriended my shadow after a childhood using drugs, being in prison, struggle with my fear, had cancer, lost close family members to drugs and it all ended up in this very moment, writing these words, it’s all about love or absence of love. I became a good loving mother and a singer/songwriter believing I got something to share with the people in the world. In the drama of my evolution, the music has given me peace with myself and made me feel whole. But I have allowed the darkest and most scary feelings to be colourful and powerful, embraced it, for the good., and that has lead me to be a better me, having a richer life, more fun and a honest self-expression. I’ve put into my backpack things I’ve learned and things I’ve been told, but I try to retrieve my hidden goods. Try to find my potential, and release it. The best that I can, in this lifetime. That's what my songs is about.

After the two last records I released, together with a bunch of loving people, who believes in me, my music, my voice and after touring around with great musicians from and in Norway, I had to say enough is enough, because of my bank account. I could simply not sell the childhood home of my children, to keep the wheels in motion. I wrote all the songs in Norwegian, and I managed to get some more friends on facebook, but beyond that, no song listed on the radio, and that limited the jobs themselves. I have sold my car, bought cheap meals, traveled on vacation on bicycle, and we've all been happy knowing what we have done, we have invested and we know that investing is good. So we've been happy with the choices we made​​. Everyone in my family and my friends have been supporting me. That feels great. We got food on our table and we have this beautiful life to fill in our own movie. I’m so grateful for that. Thank you. I love you all. What do you do, when you got something you want to share, and you don’t have the money for the big promoting companies, the right manager (my husband has done as good as he can), no booking, no nothing, just yourself and your songs, you just do it, you just stay in there and do it. Because even though I got myself and I got my mission and now, I have shared it. That’s something. My shadow can never more kill my dreams.

So it all ended up in FNCTW, "Fuck Norway Conquer the World". It became the mini-album, Babe Gone Wild. 6 songs. In english. 3 new songs (made in May 2011) and 3 old songs translated from Norwegian. I have made songs since I was 15 years old and I have been singing on 20 records, mostly in Norwegian.

Of course I will be at Wembley, alone with a guitar, making peace with others and the world through my songs, but all the scenes, small or big, are just as valuable using this sword for peace, the music!!!

I have to sing my songs and I can't care if the music industry don’t bother. The only one who knows how far you can go is your own spirit and soul. Only your shadows shows you limits, and the shadow tries to act in a way, so you think it is you. When we brake out of the trance and no longer tries to fit in, we can go where ever we want. It's called freedom.

Embrace your shadows – use your freedom. Glad you spend some of your time with me. Love from Betty.